Digital artist, writer, photographer, armchair philosopher. Loves: animals, nature, sustainability, nonduality, physics, multiverse theory, photons.

Retired Webmaster

I officially retired at the end of 2022, having sold my business last year to another managed website hosting firm. I’ve spent the last several months working with the new owner and webmaster, Brian Johnson of PageCrafter in Minnesota. We migrated client sites and online assets to their new PageCrafter web servers, migrated domain registrar accounts and email service accounts to PageCrafter accounting and billing, had lots of phone and email conversations with clients, well-wishes, kind words, final goodbyes. We’ve pretty much wrapped up all the remaining odds & ends details.

My business, Oakley Studio, LLC, is no more. Now I am free to follow several other dreams that have been waiting in the wings, you’ll see. I celebrated the end of my business, and the beginning of the New Year 2023, in champagne toasts with my sweetie, watching a live feed from Paris, of the Eiffel Tower in music and lights and fireworks.

Now I’m ready to begin a new chapter, starting with this first post in my new personal weblog. Enjoy.


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