Digital artist, writer, photographer, armchair philosopher. Loves: animals, nature, sustainability, nonduality, physics, multiverse theory, photons.

  • French Chalkboard 3

    French Chalkboard 3

    Ah, Paris calls! Abruptly in June 2022 we decided to plan our own trip to Paris, and booked Icelandic Air, which has the shortest flight times with a one-hour stopover in Iceland. We’d go during the Christmas and New Years holidays, when Patricia wasn’t teaching and UNM was on break. Gone almost four weeks! Amtrak […]


  • French Chalkboard 2

    French Chalkboard 2

    With just two semesters of beginning college French in 2010-2011, Patricia and I were far from fluent, and our brief visit to Paris in early 2018 convinced us we should be taking French language classes again. But it didn’t actually happen until the pandemic when everything was going onto Zoom videoconferencing. In mid-2020 we signed […]


  • French Chalkboard 1

    French Chalkboard 1

    This is the first in a series of posts sharing the French Chalkboard at chez Oakleys where Patricia and I write phrases as we continue to learn the French language — reading, writing, listening, and speaking. When the chalkboard fills up, we snap a picture of it and then erase, and start over with new […]